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It is personal. When you subscribe to our software, we behave like our livelihoods depend on your business success. We aim to give you a quality web app and money is just a by-product of it. Our intention is to help you save money and time.


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Immanuel Anand



Jackie Sanders

UI/UX Designer


Nikolas Brooten

Sales Manager


Main Features Of PepoCRM

Manage your customers in a smart way using the latest technology

Simple and easy management

Easily enter client information and assign an entry to an employee. Attach files to share with any entry. Easily add or delete entry with one touch.

Send individual or mass emails

You can send emails to each customer/lead/contact/vendor individually or send mass emails with personalization with just one touch of a button.

Get an instant notification on any changes on the entry

Be on top of your projects by getting notified on the app if your employee leaves a comment or change the status of one of your entries.

Invite your teammates with Ease

Invite your teammates either by emailing an invite link through the app or just by sharing the link with your teammates. They can join in less than a minute.

Step 1

Manage calls, vendors, contacts, products, companies, deals, leads in one place

You can manage your data of calls, vendors, contacts, products, companies, deals, leads in one place without jumping around different tools.

PepoCRM is on the Cloud. So, no need to install any software. All the settings have already been pre-configured for optimal performance, eliminating the need for users to tinker with any configurations.

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Step 2

Send email to all the entries with one touch with personalization

You can schedule to send personalized emails to all your entries at once with just a click.

You can add attachments, CC or BCC emails as per your requirements.

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Step 3

Schedule or Send Email individually

You can also send or schedule emails individually without leaving PepoCRM app.

Every sent email will be recorded in Sent Emails section so you can refer to your sent emails anytime you want. All the attached files will be saved on PepoCRM too for your future reference.

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Step 4

Export your entire data to a csv file

Export all the all the entries to a csv file with just a click. That way, you can have a local backup too if you want.

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Step 5

Import data from your Excel sheet into PepoCRM

Have all the data in an Excel sheet? No problem. You can easily import the data into PepoCRM by clicking our Import Data button.

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Step 6

Invite and Add unlimited number of members to your project

There is absolutely no limit. You will not be charged for the members you add to PepoCRM. You can add unlimited number of members. Almost everyone in the market charge their customers per member basis. However, we believe you need a team to succeed. So, you are welcome to add any number of members to your team with no additional charges.

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Step 7

Organize all the uploaded files in one place!

In addition to the task, you can see all the uploaded files on the home page in the Uploaded Files tab. So, you can organize all the files in one place.

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Step 8

Customize columns or change the status, priority with ease

You can customize the columns or changing the status or priority seamlessly.

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Step 9

Search anything in your data

Want to search and find an entry with their first name, or their city name? Just enter it on the Search tab, PepoCRM will pull up the entry for you in no time.

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Read trusted reviews from our customers

This is a small sampling of the eclectic array of our clients' reviews.


Mario Suntar

CEO at WoodBows

User-friendly and easily manageable, requiring minimal external assistance for CRM configuration. Abundance of modules and options providing extensive functionality. Remarkable flexibility for customizing the Front-end and fields, with straightforward user access parameterization. In summary, this CRM is well-suited for mid-size companies.

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Stephen Jay

CEO at Charis IT

What I appreciate most about PepoCRM is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The customization options allow us to tailor the system to our specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration with our sales and marketing strategies. The comprehensive suite of tools simplifies lead management, communication tracking, and pipeline analysis. PepoCRM stands out as a versatile and powerful solution that significantly contributes to our business efficiency and growth.

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Peter K

CFO at AppTecHub

This CRM offers user-friendly functionality with support for multiple user roles. It provides features such as pipelines, automation, reports, and telephony integrations. Setting it up is notably straightforward when compared to other CRM options.

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Joanna Webb

Doctor at Joanna Clinic

The return on investment and cost-to-benefit ratio offered by Pepo CRM are unparalleled. It possesses the essential features needed to efficiently manage the sales and marketing divisions of small to medium-sized B2B/B2C businesses, all without incurring substantial costs. The platform is exceptionally user-friendly, and new salespeople typically experience a short learning curve, usually lasting no more than a couple of weeks with daily use.

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Christopher Thomas

Sales Manager at TrinityWired

In my exploration of customer relationship management products for our company, PepoCRM has emerged as a suitable choice. It offers cost-effective solutions and is equipped with features that can support us in managing the entire customer lifecycle. I am particularly excited about the automation capabilities for sales and email marketing, allowing us to handle multiple campaigns and streamline the lead nurturing and scoring processes. Moreover, the user-friendly and straightforward interface makes implementation a seamless process.


John Miller


PepoCRM provides an efficient and user-friendly customer management experience, featuring a customizable interface, seamless integrations, automation capabilities, a mobile app, and robust analytics. Its capacity to adapt to specific business requirements, automate tasks, and deliver valuable insights positions it as an invaluable tool for effective customer relationship management.

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PepoCRM lets you manage your customer, leads, contacts, vendors, products, calls, deals data effectively with the highest possible quality. No need to install any software. It runs on our cloud.

You can easily invite your teammates. No need to pay extra to add members as all of our plans comes with unlimited members.

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